Jeremy, Julie, Theo, Nolan and Charlie

  • Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse – Jan 2019

    Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse – Jan 2019

    Here’s what the January 2019 Luan Eclipse looked like from Colorado Springs.

  • Theo (2017)

    Theo (2017)

    I finished this portrait up a couple weeks back but haven’t had a chance to post it before. I’m still not super-happy with the quality of the photograph, I’ll have to try to take another shot when the lighting is better. Theo (2017) © 2017 – Jeremy C. Sparks Oil on ACM Panel 18″ x…

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    We had a couple of trips to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the last month or so. Managed to get some really good shots, just haven’t had a chance to post before now. One of the main attractions at the CM Zoo is the giraffes. They have a balcony-level viewing where you can purchase lettuce…

  • Belated Update

    Belated Update

    I took a picture of this one a couple of days ago but it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. Here’s a slightly better shot. Almost done with it I think. The arms still feel a tad rubbery to me so I should try to fix those. Pretty happy with the actual…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Got a little more work in on this one. Added some brighter color to the Liverpool kit and fixed the tone of the hair. Getting close now. Still need to fully resolve the arms and the background is feeling too flat at the minute. I have some ideas for that but I want to ruminate…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Still working away on this one. I feel like the portrait is really starting to come together. Might do one or two more passes on the face just to see how far I can push it. And, of course, there’s the rest of the painting to contend with as well…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Haven’t had as much time to work in the studio as I would normally, but I did get a solid day in this past Saturday. Working more on the portrait. It’s really starting to come to life. Needs another pass or two and then, of course, there’s the whole rest of the painting which will…

  • Long Weekend Update

    Long Weekend Update

    One of the best parts of a long weekend is that it often means I get extra studio time. Got two session in on this one this weekend. Worked some more on the face the first day and finally got around to filling in the clothing during the second session. Here’s the view after the…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Starting to get in some of the local color … mostly focused on the edges at this point.

  • New Painting

    New Painting

    Started this one a couple weeks back but haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would have liked. I’ve put in three real sessions or so at this point. This is a quasi dead-layer — I’m painting the first chromatic bits into a sap green and alizarine couche. Image is cropped…

  • Going Solar

    Going Solar

    A few months back we decided it was time to move to solar power. It’s starting to become a reality now. The new panels are mostly installed and we’re waiting for some electrical work to be completed. Once that’s done we’ll have to have the local utility install a net-metering device and we’ll be able…

  • Freyja


    Portrait of Freyja 12″ x 16″ Oil on ACM Panel © 2017 – Jeremy C. Sparks