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    Portrait of Freyja 12″ x 16″ Oil on ACM Panel © 2017 – Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Worked some more on this portrait of Freyja. You can still see where the paint is a bit wet on the face. Pretty happy with how it’s coming a long so far not sure how far I’m going to be able to push it but want to find out.

  • New Camera

    New Camera

    I’ve been needing to get some new source photographs for my artwork. I wish I had the ability to just work from life, but my schedule doesn’t really permit that. I’ve been using the same DSLR that I bought back in NYC in 2005 for a while now and the technology has moved on significantly…

  • Someone knows that something is happening…

    Someone knows that something is happening…

    She doesn’t know what… but she knows that something interesting is going on.

  • Wild Thing

    Wild Thing

    Here he was very busily carrying the legos onto sofa one by one and arranging them on the windowsill in a row. When all the blocks were up, he proceeded to toss them all back onto the floor and do it all over again. Whatever uses up that energy, right? He has been playing with…

  • Apples and Exercise Balls

    Apples and Exercise Balls

    Just a few new random pics of Nolan and company… Here Nolan was watching an episode of Sesame Street when Jeremy came in and found him lounging in the chair sideways. I love the way he stuffed his fave monkey behind his back for a pillow. We were invited over to Aunt Marty’s house for…

  • Strides


    Our little guy is now nearly 19 months old, and he’s making all kinds of strides, physically and developmentally. He’s still a string bean—55th percentile for height and head circumference, 3rd percentile for weight—and so active I’m thinking we’re never going to get him fattened up now. We finally got him used to his stiff…

  • Non-Stop


    Just a few new pictures of our goofy little guy, being busy. We’ve made quite a few trips to the playground this past week, and Nolan is starting to get the hang of it. He seems to be having fun, although he is always so solemn in new situations. He likes to watch the ground…

  • 46 Weeks

    46 Weeks

    Nolan is 46 weeks old, and went in for his 10-month weight check this past week. He is 17 lb 7 oz now, which puts him solidly in the growth curve for the 3rd percentile. Length we measured ourselves, and he appears to be about 28.5″, which is at least in the 25th percentile. All…

  • Happy Birthday, Freyja!

    Happy Birthday, Freyja!

    It’s hard to believe, but our little pup is a whole year old today. While she’s busy chawing on her birthday bone, I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few choice photos documenting her growth. Freyja was one of a litter of 11 born on February 18, 2007 to Vom Holtzberg’s Ernie and…

  • Dogblog


    Another weekend, another post full of romping puppies. Last week’s playdate was so fun that we set up another one for yesterday afternoon, and the dogs had a blast sprinting around at top speed after their toys. Spencer has almost caught up with Freyja in height, but she is still longer, and I dare say…

  • Frolicking Freyja

    Frolicking Freyja

    More photos, from this weekend’s play session with Freyja and Spencer. They haven’t gotten together to play in quite some time, although they were both in the same obedience classes. Yet the second they saw each other in the yard at TIUA (where we hold our playdates as it’s reasonably enclosed), it was like they…