Weekend Update
Freyja (in progress)

Weekend Update

Worked some more on this portrait of Freyja. You can still see where the paint is a bit wet on the face. Pretty happy with how it's coming a long…

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New Camera
Freyja in a chair

New Camera

I've been needing to get some new source photographs for my artwork. I wish I had the ability to just work from life, but my schedule doesn't really permit that.…

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Wild Thing

Here he was very busily carrying the legos onto sofa one by one and arranging them on the windowsill in a row. When all the blocks were up, he proceeded…

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Our little guy is now nearly 19 months old, and he's making all kinds of strides, physically and developmentally. He's still a string bean---55th percentile for height and head circumference,…

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Just a few new pictures of our goofy little guy, being busy. We've made quite a few trips to the playground this past week, and Nolan is starting to get…

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46 Weeks

Nolan is 46 weeks old, and went in for his 10-month weight check this past week. He is 17 lb 7 oz now, which puts him solidly in the growth…

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Happy Birthday, Freyja!

It's hard to believe, but our little pup is a whole year old today. While she's busy chawing on her birthday bone, I wanted to take the opportunity to share…

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