Our little guy is now nearly 19 months old, and he's making all kinds of strides, physically and developmentally. He's still a string bean---55th percentile for height and head circumference,…

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Stay Warm Out There

We're having a beautiful warm spring day here in Salem (I have to gloat while I can; the rain comes back tonight), but I know much of the country is…

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Socky Pictures

Looks like 2007 is shaping up to be the Year of the Sock, Part 2, and I finally have pictures to prove it. I got off to a cracking start…

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The Fall Line-up

You probably think this post is going to be about the fall TV schedule, especially since we now have Dish and can record two shows at once. Of the new…

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Summer Sock Roundup

Here comes the long anticipated knitting post. Since Fall has officially started, here are the finished summer sock projects to show you at long last. It was a busy summer…

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