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  • Day at the Zoo

    Day at the Zoo

    We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this weekend. The kids had a lot of fun and the animals were quite active despite the warmer weather. Here’s some of the better images from the day – I’ll try to update later on with some more text commentary but Julie wanted me to get the images…

  • End-of-Summer Fun

    End-of-Summer Fun

    School may have started up again the third week of August (3 hours in the afternoon 5 days a week), with private OT and speech therapy three mornings a week and a new dietary regimen to follow, but we have still found time to have lots of fun already this month! We took Nolan on…

  • Ohio Vacation 2011, Part 2

    Ohio Vacation 2011, Part 2

    Nolan’s first visit to a swimming pool, courtesy of our hotel in Napoleon, OH. He went right in the cold water like a champ, and had a blast walking up and down the steps at the shallow end of the pool over and over, emphasizing his delight at the combination of water and stairs by…

  • Ohio Vacation 2011, Part 1

    Ohio Vacation 2011, Part 1

    We were able to sneak off to Ohio for a few days of family visits at the beginning of the month. It was Nolan’s first airplane, and he did great on the flights, aside from wanting to push his feet on the seat back in front of him (I did a lot of joint compressions!).…

  • Baths are for the Birds

    Baths are for the Birds

    Just a fun little photo sequence today! Many of you know that Nolan has been very uncooperative about bathing since the beginning of the year. We now accomplish the task with me climbing in the tub clothed, holding Nolan, and my mom on hand to scrub him down while he clings to me for dear…

  • Update for May 2011

    Update for May 2011

    We have been very busy with all kinds of stuff this month, and have not had much time to update the blog for a while, but I’ll try to do a little catching up here. Although school is coming to a close, we were fortunate that Nolan’s placement in the intensive needs classroom gave him…

  • Field Day 2011

    Field Day 2011

  • Changes


    In addition to unpacking, shopping for items that needed to be replaced, getting my parents a DVR for their satellite to record Sesame Street, getting the garden started, and entertaining the company of two of my cousins, we have spent loads of time on the phone, seeking out therapies and autism services for Nolan.

  • Nolan, 34 Months

    Nolan, 34 Months

    A major update about Nolan’s developmental delays.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

  • 31 Months

    31 Months

    We didn’t do Halloween costumes or trick-or-treating this year at Halloween, but with several pie pumpkins in the house, I decided to carve one into a jack-o-lantern. I tried to get Nolan’s help with the insides of the pumpkin, but he wasn’t interested in touching it.

  • Snapshots, Month 29

    Snapshots, Month 29

    A few snapshots from the past month, with succinct captions (the better to post this quickly and head to bed!). Another day, another something to get into (don’t worry, it was clean!) Hanging out; I loved the way the light was hitting him (that T-shirt is from his preschool) Nap-time snuck up on him mid-play…