31 Months

We didn't do Halloween costumes or trick-or-treating this year at Halloween, but with several pie pumpkins in the house, I decided to carve one into a jack-o-lantern. I tried to…

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Snapshots, Month 29

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A few snapshots from the past month, with succinct captions (the better to post this quickly and head to bed!). Another day, another something to get into (don't worry, it…

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Wild Thing

Here he was very busily carrying the legos onto sofa one by one and arranging them on the windowsill in a row. When all the blocks were up, he proceeded…

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28 Months

Some photos of our busy boy from the past month or so! Nolan loves his stroller to death. We leave it out all the time because he uses it like…

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More often, he snuggles on my lap after dinner (usually the first attention he has gotten from me for an hour or two, thanks to my cooking obsession) and starts…

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Baby Billy Goat

I showed Nolan that he could put his favorite monkey and blankie into this bag to carry around, and he promptly did so, then climbed in himself. In the past…

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The Cake Hunter

We all really liked the cake. Jeremy took some video of the carnage; maybe he'll post it here later. This little monkey rug was part of his birthday package from…

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