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  • Wild Thing

    Wild Thing

    Here he was very busily carrying the legos onto sofa one by one and arranging them on the windowsill in a row. When all the blocks were up, he proceeded to toss them all back onto the floor and do it all over again. Whatever uses up that energy, right? He has been playing with…

  • 28 Months

    28 Months

    Some photos of our busy boy from the past month or so! Nolan loves his stroller to death. We leave it out all the time because he uses it like a chair to hang out in. Mention the word “walk,” and he immediately climbs into the stroller, exclaiming “Wa! Wa!” He is especially fond of…

  • Happy Father’s Day!

    Happy Father’s Day!

  • Narcoleptic


    More often, he snuggles on my lap after dinner (usually the first attention he has gotten from me for an hour or two, thanks to my cooking obsession) and starts nodding off within a few minutes. I try to keep him awake at least long enough to change his diaper, and preferably his clothes as…

  • More Playing Hard and Sleeping Hard

    More Playing Hard and Sleeping Hard

    And then off to the races. Tons more climbing, in, on, and over. As you can see from the video Jeremy just posted, Nolan can even climb into his crib now, so nothing is out of bounds for his strong arms and legs. Yes, he can now climb onto the seat of our Bowflex without…

  • Nolan: Play Hard, Sleep Hard

    Here’s a short video of Nolan doing what he does… The file is about 70MB, so don’t click unless you mean it. 🙂

  • Baby Billy Goat

    Baby Billy Goat

    I showed Nolan that he could put his favorite monkey and blankie into this bag to carry around, and he promptly did so, then climbed in himself. In the past two days, Nolan has been climbing onto the back of the sofa pretty frequently. All the better to see the dog running around in the…

  • The Cake Hunter

    The Cake Hunter

    We all really liked the cake. Jeremy took some video of the carnage; maybe he’ll post it here later. This little monkey rug was part of his birthday package from Grammy Rita and Grandpa Nelson. As soon as I set it on the ground, Nolan promptly sat down on it and rolled all around. Guess…

  • Apples and Exercise Balls

    Apples and Exercise Balls

    Just a few new random pics of Nolan and company… Here Nolan was watching an episode of Sesame Street when Jeremy came in and found him lounging in the chair sideways. I love the way he stuffed his fave monkey behind his back for a pillow. We were invited over to Aunt Marty’s house for…

  • Back to the Park

    Back to the Park

    Nolan has definitely grown since last fall, because he can reach the rails and get up the stairs at the playground so much more easily. His confidence in climbing has also greatly increased over the past few months, and he had a great time playing at the park. Stairs are always a big hit, no…

  • Christmas 2009

    Christmas 2009

    We had an excellent Christmas vacation this year, complete with family visitors and even a little snow, albeit a few days late. It was just the three of us on Christmas morning, and Nolan definitely seemed to enjoy the event more this year than last. It took Nolan a few tries to get the hang…

  • Giving Thanks

    Giving Thanks

    A few new pictures of our funny little man! He refused to wear this crown at his birthday, but he likes to wear it sometimes now (or put it on Mama and Daddy). Poor kid desperately needed a haircut but wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to do it. This teapot is one of…