Happy Birthday, Freyja!

It’s hard to believe, but our little pup is a whole year old today. While she’s busy chawing on her birthday bone, I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few choice photos documenting her growth.

Freyja’s litter (about 4 weeks?)

Freyja was one of a litter of 11 born on February 18, 2007 to Vom Holtzberg’s Ernie and Briya.

Freyja Sparks vom Holtzberg

We brought her home on April 9th at the tender age of 7 weeks, with adorable floppy ears and an incessant whine, all of 12 pounds.

Julie and Freyja

But she grew like a weed (and ate quite a few of them in our backyard for good measure).

Freyja the lap dog (not!)

Jeremy tried hard to take advantage of her lapdog size while it lasted, but she is much too active to hold still and cuddle for long!

Frisbee Dog

Eventually her ears made an effort to stand up, but she was a good 4 months old before they stayed up for real.

Freyja at the beach

Here she is discovering that the beach is a very fun place for puppies.

Playing puppies

She also quickly discovered the joys of having a buddy to romp around with every so often. Freyja and Spencer are still the best of pals.

Freyja (7 mos. old)

Before we knew it, our little girl wasn’t so little anymore. At 7 months old, she was already over 60 pounds.

Freyja the anti-lapdog

It hasn’t stopped Jeremy from pretending she’s his little lapdog, however!

Freyja undercover

I’m not sure Freyja has quite come to terms with her grown-up size yet, either.

All growed up

She still has a bit of filling out yet to do, but it is pretty obvious that she has grown up to be a smart, beautiful, affectionate, regal and very energetic young German shepherd dog. We couldn’t possibly ask for more. Happy birthday, Freyja!






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  1. Cousin Heather Avatar
    Cousin Heather

    Freyja’s ears are almost as tall as Jeremy’s face. Happy Birthday little girl!

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