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  • Thanksgiving Painting Week

    Thanksgiving Painting Week

    I took the week off from work and spent a lot of time in the studio working on four paintings. I’ll post the work on three of them here, the fourth one I finished and will post a final image once I get a better (or at least less glare filled) image. First up is…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Took a long weekend to get some extra painting time in this past weekend. It was nice to have some time to do a little extra painting. Ended up working on four separate paintings. It’s interesting, at least to me, as they’re all at different stages so you can almost see the progression of a…

  • Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

    Julie has been encouraging me to do a self portrait for a while now and I’ve resisted in the main. At the Academy they made us do a self portrait in every single painting class and most of the drawing classes as well. I suspect that they wanted to get it out of our system…

  • Another New Painting

    Another New Painting

    I’ve got another painting going as well. This one is a 24″ square composition of Kayti and her amazing tattoos. Here’s the initial wipeout. I think the support didn’t get enough drying time before I started in on this layer so some of the paint areas didn’t wipeout as cleanly as I would have liked.…

  • Wipeout – Josh

    Wipeout – Josh

    This is part of the series of paintings I’m going to be working on.

  • Wipeout


  • Next Portrait – Linda

    Next Portrait – Linda

    I’ve started in on a larger format painting as well, but I’ve still got a couple of the smaller 12″x16″ panels ready to go. Here’s the next one that I’m ready to share.

  • Next Batch

    Next Batch

    I’m hoping to get some quality studio time in this weekend, perhaps even enough to finish the first portraits of Tabby and Josh. I’ve already got the next two portraits started. Here’s another one of Tabby and one of Shad.

  • Another Wipeout

    Another Wipeout

    Did a quick wipeout this morning over the linear placement from yesterday. I had to work very quickly on these as the ground was very thirsty. Not sure if that’s a symptom of the brand of ground I am using or if I just needed to give the panels a little more time to set…

  • Another Study

    Another Study

    Trying to keep the momentum going — another oil wipeout study.

  • Feels a bit like Cheating

    Feels a bit like Cheating

    I still need to get a decent picture of that last still life. Hopefully the painting will be dry enough this weekend to do that. But there’s no time to rest. I’ve got some new subjects to work from and the process is beginning. I’m starting with some color studies. Typically I start with a…