Weekend Update

Took a long weekend to get some extra painting time in this past weekend. It was nice to have some time to do a little extra painting. Ended up working on four separate paintings.

It’s interesting, at least to me, as they’re all at different stages so you can almost see the progression of a painting with my working studio practice from these four works.

I have a longer post about this one as I lucked into an extra day to work on it but I did start a self portrait. Here it is at the earliest stages.

Portrait of the Artist (in progress)
Portrait of the Artist (in progress)

I also got a chance to get back to this portrait of Jordyn. This is the second pass at the fleshy parts, still haven’t covered all of the earlier wipeout layer but starting to bring in local chroma.

Jordyn (in progress)
Jordyn (in progress)

Here’s the double portrait of Leif and Tabby. I’m starting to resolve the background before applying the final layers to the portrait. Still a ways to go and the clothing is just early local coloring, but you need the background in before you attack the final layers.

Leif and Tabby (in progress)
Leif and Tabby (in progress)

This portrait of Tayrou is nearly resolved. It needs one or maybe two more passes to just get it dialed in fully. The clothing will be the last step to finishing it off but the background and portrait are nearly there.

Tayrou (in progress)
Tayrou (in progress)

Self Portrait

Julie has been encouraging me to do a self portrait for a while now and I’ve resisted in the main. At the Academy they made us do a self portrait in every single painting class and most of the drawing classes as well. I suspect that they wanted to get it out of our system while we were students so we wouldn’t feel compelled to do them once we were out practicing art making in the real world. There’s more than enough navel-gazing and worthless selfies in the world without artist contributing to the collection.

That said there is some merit in an honest reflection of one’s self:


This is a project that I’ve been meaning to start for a while now but other projects have always seemed more important. I finally got a chance to start in on it this weekend. Then we got a blizzard Monday night and ended up with a rare snow-day yesterday. I hadn’t intended to work on this much more right away, but as everything else was still wet from the weekend I didn’t want to waste a free painting day so I set in on the first pass:


My first passes are starting to look more like second or third passes now, which really makes me happy. Really looking forward to see how far I can push this one now.

Another New Painting

I’ve got another painting going as well. This one is a 24″ square composition of Kayti and her amazing tattoos.

Here’s the initial wipeout. I think the support didn’t get enough drying time before I started in on this layer so some of the paint areas didn’t wipeout as cleanly as I would have liked. That said, I’m starting to trust myself more and understand that I just need a few general markers to start from.
Kayti (wipeout)

Here it is starting to block in the paint areas. I think I’ve got a good tone for the pigmented skin but really this is going to be a lot of work and I haven’t even started on the actual portrait yet.
Kayti (in progress)

Another Wipeout

Did a quick wipeout this morning over the linear placement from yesterday.

Wipeout for portrait of Josh
Wipeout for portrait of Josh

I had to work very quickly on these as the ground was very thirsty. Not sure if that’s a symptom of the brand of ground I am using or if I just needed to give the panels a little more time to set completely.

I started prepping another pair of panels so if it is the latter they should be thoroughly dry by the time I’m ready to start the next painting.