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  • Thanksgiving Painting Week

    Thanksgiving Painting Week

    I took the week off from work and spent a lot of time in the studio working on four paintings. I’ll post the work on three of them here, the fourth one I finished and will post a final image once I get a better (or at least less glare filled) image. First up is…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Got a couple of days in the studio this weekend. First up is actually one that I worked on last weekend but didn’t get around to posting last week. This is the amethyst D20, it’s getting closer but will need at least one more pass to finish it off. The main one I worked on…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Got a couple of days of painting in this weekend. I was finally able to get back to the Lapis portrait Hard to get a decent photo that doesn’t have a lot glare since it’s still a bit wet but this was close. Getting some of the mottled coloration in was a bit of concentration…

  • Another pass at the Amethyst Icosahedron

    Another pass at the Amethyst Icosahedron

    I was hoping to work on the lapis D20 portrait this weekend, but the last pass still isn’t dry enough to work on. I’ve been avoiding this one because it was feeling like a lot more work than the lapis one. However, this one really came together on this pass. There’s still come drawing issues…

  • Amethyst Icosahedron WIP

    Amethyst Icosahedron WIP

    Another dice portrait in progress… blocking i n the structure and numbering on the dice faces. Not sure about the background color yet but might go with a light yellow to complement the deep purples of the amethyst.

  • More WIP

    More WIP

    Continuing to work on the Lapis Icosahedron portrait. Trying to lock down the proportions and structure so it will be harder to lose that when I start moving into the local surface textures and mottling.

  • Starting to block in local color

    Starting to block in local color

  • Lapis Icosahedron WIP

    Lapis Icosahedron WIP

  • Long Weekend Update

    Long Weekend Update

    One of the best parts of a long weekend is that it often means I get extra studio time. Got two session in on this one this weekend. Worked some more on the face the first day and finally got around to filling in the clothing during the second session. Here’s the view after the…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Starting to get in some of the local color … mostly focused on the edges at this point.

  • New Painting

    New Painting

    Started this one a couple weeks back but haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would have liked. I’ve put in three real sessions or so at this point. This is a quasi dead-layer — I’m painting the first chromatic bits into a sap green and alizarine couche. Image is cropped…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Another session in on this one. Getting more of the details in… still a very long way to go.