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  • Theo Violin Spring Recital 2023

    Theo Violin Spring Recital 2023

    This is from a few months back and it’s remarkable how much he has improved since then. We’ll have to get him to play something again soon.

  • Theo (2017)

    Theo (2017)

    I finished this portrait up a couple weeks back but haven’t had a chance to post it before. I’m still not super-happy with the quality of the photograph, I’ll have to try to take another shot when the lighting is better. Theo (2017) © 2017 – Jeremy C. Sparks Oil on ACM Panel 18″ x…

  • Belated Update

    Belated Update

    I took a picture of this one a couple of days ago but it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. Here’s a slightly better shot. Almost done with it I think. The arms still feel a tad rubbery to me so I should try to fix those. Pretty happy with the actual…

  • Theo’s First Snowman

    Theo’s First Snowman

  • Blizzard 2016

    Blizzard 2016

    So, we’ve gotten at least a foot of snow so far and it’s supposed to keep snowing overnight. Here’s a couple pics of the kiddo getting out when it was only about half-a-foot or so deep. We’ll have to take some more pictures tomorrow.

  • Theo – Almost Done

    Theo – Almost Done

    Finally got a semi-decent photograph of this one. It’s getting close now. Maybe one or two more sessions.

  • New Camera

    New Camera

    I’ve been needing to get some new source photographs for my artwork. I wish I had the ability to just work from life, but my schedule doesn’t really permit that. I’ve been using the same DSLR that I bought back in NYC in 2005 for a while now and the technology has moved on significantly…