Tag: Technology

  • Image Slider Test

    This was something that I’m fooling around with for work, but thought it would be neat to try to make a test page here to play with it. It’s a nearly fully CSS solution, just some simple JS to deal with the slider updates.

  • New Toy

    New Toy

    So I finally scrapped together enough pennies to get a new lens for my camera. Between Christmas money, birthday money, tax refund money, selling some of old and unused camera gear and buying a used lens I was able to make it work. So today was the first day I got a chance to get…

  • New Lens

    New Lens

    I’ve been wanting a new lens since I got the new Nikon DSLR body. Unfortunately lenses aren’t terribly cheap and the old 50mm manual-focus lens I’ve been using does work just fine. Amazon must know I’m a sucker for a deal though. The 85mm lens I’ve had my eye on dropped $100 in price. That…

  • New Camera

    New Camera

    I’ve been needing to get some new source photographs for my artwork. I wish I had the ability to just work from life, but my schedule doesn’t really permit that. I’ve been using the same DSLR that I bought back in NYC in 2005 for a while now and the technology has moved on significantly…

  • Ed Snowden Speaks at SXSW