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  • Thanksgiving Painting Week

    Thanksgiving Painting Week

    I took the week off from work and spent a lot of time in the studio working on four paintings. I’ll post the work on three of them here, the fourth one I finished and will post a final image once I get a better (or at least less glare filled) image. First up is…

  • Still Life Finished

    Still Life Finished

    Update: now with slightly less glare on the image… Finished the still life I’ve been working. Time to get my next painting going….

  • Still Life Update

    Still Life Update

    Worked on the lynx skull, the notebooks and the bird statue a bit. Posting mostly so I have a decent reference before I dive into the marble table-top. Need to stop avoiding it and just dive into it tonight. Still need to correct the drawing at the base of the marble vase and the apples…

  • Boston Strong – A Tribute

    Boston Strong – A Tribute

    Since I’m posting images again. I thought I should post this one as well. I finished it about 7 months ago, should be ready to varnish now. It’s oil on linen (26″ x 14″).

  • New Still Life – in progress

    New Still Life – in progress

    This is a new still life painting that I’ve been slowly working on. There’s still a long way to go; I’d estimate that I’m about 50% done with this one. Everything is going to need at least one more pass, with the skull and marble tabletop needing the most work. But it’s far enough along…