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  • Garden of the Gods

    Garden of the Gods

    We’ve had a lot of snow recently but the weather finally broke this past weekend. I took the opportunity to get out early Saturday morning and get a few (hundred) shots at one of the most scenic locations maybe in the country, certainly in the state – Garden of the Gods. Here’s a couple of…

  • New Toy

    New Toy

    So I finally scrapped together enough pennies to get a new lens for my camera. Between Christmas money, birthday money, tax refund money, selling some of old and unused camera gear and buying a used lens I was able to make it work. So today was the first day I got a chance to get…

  • Pikes Peak from UCCS

    Pikes Peak from UCCS

    It was a gorgeous day today and we’d just had some snow yesterday so I decided to get out and take a few photos of Pikes Peak.