FOW: Meet Loki

Loki washing her paws

Loki (a.k.a. Loco Poco, Loki-Dokey, Little Loki, Snaggletooth) is a 4.5-year old silver mitt sprite. She is a Marshall Farms ferret, identifiable by the two blue dots tattooed in her right ear–Marshall Farms is a major supplier of ferret kits to pet stores, and they neuter at 3 weeks of age, before the kits’ eyes… Continue reading FOW: Meet Loki

The Kids

Is it a tag?

My requisite participation in whatever the current main-event happened to be usually precluded the possibility of taking pictures. However, I did manage to snap a few during one of the days we played ‘tag’. It’s nice to see that the kids weren’t simply attempting to tag the youngest athlete, but challenged themselves to tag Shaun… Continue reading The Kids

Alaskan Wildlife


Wildlife wasn’t quite as plentiful as the Alaskan zealots would have you believe. I’m sure there was wildlife out there; we just didn’t see any without driving to a refuge. However, we did pass a road sign which bluntly stated that 173 moose had been hit by cars in the past year. With a moose… Continue reading Alaskan Wildlife