I’ve decided to put off the next Ferret of the Week until next week because I will be out of town for my second family reunion later this week, and because of the minor disaster that is my knee. I got a bug bite on the back of my right knee last week, and over… Continue reading Classics

FOW: Waterworks

Pandora and Loki

As I noted earlier in the week, Pandora is high-strung, and dislikes going anywhere unfamiliar or unpleasant. This means anywhere outside the family room where the ferrets have their play-time, but particularly includes the bathroom, which she regards as a sort of ferret torture chamber. It’s the place where we clean their ears and teeth,… Continue reading FOW: Waterworks

FOW: Toys!

Sock-snake Panda

All the ferrets have their own individual tastes and interests when it comes to toys. Pandora prefers stufties. Her favorite toys are usually ones she can sink her long lovely teeth into: stuffed animals, stuffed balls with jingle bells inside, sock toys, and—my slippers. She has been obsessed with my slippers ever since she first… Continue reading FOW: Toys!