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  • Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse – Jan 2019

    Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse – Jan 2019

    Here’s what the January 2019 Luan Eclipse looked like from Colorado Springs.

  • Theo (2017)

    Theo (2017)

    I finished this portrait up a couple weeks back but haven’t had a chance to post it before. I’m still not super-happy with the quality of the photograph, I’ll have to try to take another shot when the lighting is better. Theo (2017) © 2017 – Jeremy C. Sparks Oil on ACM Panel 18″ x…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    I know I haven’t posted in a while. Haven’t had as much studio time as I would have liked in the past couple of weeks. I got back in there this weekend though. This one is coming along… hopefully not too many more session to finish it up.

  • Sarah Update

    Sarah Update

    Put in another good day of work on this one. I think the portrait and hair are pretty close now (sorry about the glare, this painting is particularly hard to shoot for some reason, probably the chromatic yellow background). Needs one more day or so on the clothing and accessories. Probably one more pass on…

  • Lessig on Equal Citizens

  • New Web Hosting

    We’ve moved to a new hosting provider.   This is partly just a test message to make sure the blog is working properly on the new host and partly to let people know that they may be a day or so before they start seeing the new content properly.

  • Wipeout and Next Linear Placement

    Wipeout and Next Linear Placement

    Here’s the wipeout layer for the portrait of Tabby. And here’s the next linear placement for the next portrait I’ll be working on.

  • Theo Portrait update

    Theo Portrait update

    Here’s an update on the portrait I’m doing of Theo. Getting closer. I got a new camera this week as well. I’m going to post some images and a little commentary about the new tech but to give you an idea of what the new camera can do, here’s a detail of some of the…

  • Update for May 2011

    Update for May 2011

    We have been very busy with all kinds of stuff this month, and have not had much time to update the blog for a while, but I’ll try to do a little catching up here. Although school is coming to a close, we were fortunate that Nolan’s placement in the intensive needs classroom gave him…