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  • New Painting and a Reset

    New Painting and a Reset

    This is a bit of a one-step-forward, two-steps-back post: I’ve got two new paintings that I started recently, one is a bit larger and that’s still in the wipeout phase. But this second one I started with the first chromatic underpainting layer or imprimatura. I’ve also been hard at work on the portrait of Sarah.…

  • Update on Sarah

    Update on Sarah

    I haven’t posted an update in a little while. I’ve got two new painting in the wipeout stage that I need to take pictures of and I’ve had a couple of passes on this one now. Still working out some of the drawing issues but it’s starting to get there. The yellow background is the…

  • Todd


    Portrait of Todd 12″x16″ oil on panel © 2015 Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Portrait of Kayti

    Portrait of Kayti

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Getting closer on this portrait of Todd. Worked on the clothing and the hair some more. The darks in the hair really “sunk in” after they started to dry (hence the flat, matt appearance of the hair). I’ll have to try to bring them back out with some stand oil in the next pass or…

  • The Wild Animal Sanctuary

    The Wild Animal Sanctuary

    Friday was our Wedding Anniversary. I took the day off and we dropped the kids off with Grandma (thanks Rita!) and Julie and I went to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg just a little ways north-east of Denver. Apparently they’re the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary with over 400 predators. Mostly lions, tigers and bears…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Worked on a couple of paintings this weekend. Here’s an early shot of the portrait of Sarah. Still a long way to go but I think you get a good sense of where this one is going to end up. And I spent a little more time working on this painting of Todd. Going to…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Getting close now. Most of the drawing issues are resolved with the face and the color temperatures are more natural now. Need to paint in the hair and clothing now. After that it’ll just be one last pass on the face to push it as far as I can.

  • The Hardest Part of Finishing

    The Hardest Part of Finishing

    So I know I haven’t posted in a while. Partly because I was out of town recently for a work conference and partly because I just haven’t been as active in my studio lately as I could have been. I did manage a solid work day this past weekend working on this painting of Todd.…

  • In the Shade of the Old Oak Tree

    In the Shade of the Old Oak Tree

    In the Shade of the Old Oak Tree (Nelson and Theo) Oil on Panel, 18″ x 24″ © 2015 Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Nelson and Theo – Almost done

    Nelson and Theo – Almost done

    Getting close now. I think I just need one more session to get the faces really dialed in.

  • Todd – The Sum and the Parts

    Todd – The Sum and the Parts

    Got to sneak in a few extra hours of studio time yesterday. I’m almost done with the painting of Nelson and Theo, so it was awfully tempting to try to polish that one off but this painting of Todd was starting at me with so much potential that I really wanted to get the first…