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  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Spent Saturday working on this one. Mostly in the hair, but also some in the background and clothing. Just a few touch-ups on the face this time around. It’s getting really close. I think there’s one drawing issue I still want to correct in the mouth and I’m not entirely happy yet with the background.…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Got quite a lot of work in on Saturday working on the portrait of Megan. I’m still trying to decide what to do with the background and the clothing needs a little more attention. Once those things are more resolved I can finish working on the hair. Maybe need one more pass on the face…

  • Image Slider Test

    This was something that I’m fooling around with for work, but thought it would be neat to try to make a test page here to play with it. It’s a nearly fully CSS solution, just some simple JS to deal with the slider updates.

  • What’s on the Easel

    What’s on the Easel

    I’ve been quite remiss in posting updates recently; but that’s not to say that I haven’t been working in my studio. Here’s a couple of quick shots of the paintings I’ve been working on. This is the first photo of Megan that I’ve posted. Three or four session in at this point on this one.…

  • Blizzard 2016

    Blizzard 2016

    So, we’ve gotten at least a foot of snow so far and it’s supposed to keep snowing overnight. Here’s a couple pics of the kiddo getting out when it was only about half-a-foot or so deep. We’ll have to take some more pictures tomorrow.

  • Leif and Tabby

    Leif and Tabby

    Leif and Tabby Oil on panel, 18″ x 24″ © 2016 Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Belated Update

    Belated Update

    Haven’t posted here in a while… here’s some of the stuff that I’ve been working on. Finished this one a while back and it’s dry enough now to be varnished. I always look forward to this point in the life of a painting. It’s always so much fun to look at a painting again after…

  • Self Portrait 2015

    Self Portrait 2015

    Self Portrait (2015) 12″ x 16″ – Oil on Panel © 2015 – Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Tayrou


    Tayrou 12″ x 16″ Oil on Panel © 2015 Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Leif and Tabby Update

    Leif and Tabby Update

    A lot the the work that I do is very iterative and at times it feels a lot like I’m putting in hours for very marginal improvements. I’m really not complaining though it’s taken me years to be able to get to those marginal gains and I really appreciate how much further I am able…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Took a long weekend to get some extra painting time in this past weekend. It was nice to have some time to do a little extra painting. Ended up working on four separate paintings. It’s interesting, at least to me, as they’re all at different stages so you can almost see the progression of a…

  • Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

    Julie has been encouraging me to do a self portrait for a while now and I’ve resisted in the main. At the Academy they made us do a self portrait in every single painting class and most of the drawing classes as well. I suspect that they wanted to get it out of our system…