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  • Almost there: Sarah

    Almost there: Sarah

    I was hoping to get more studio time in this weekend but I was fighting off a cold all week and it all caught up to me on Friday, which wiped me out for most of the weekend. I did a get a good session in on Sunday though. I’ve got several paintings crying out…

  • Sarah Update

    Sarah Update

    Put in another good day of work on this one. I think the portrait and hair are pretty close now (sorry about the glare, this painting is particularly hard to shoot for some reason, probably the chromatic yellow background). Needs one more day or so on the clothing and accessories. Probably one more pass on…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Got a couple of good studio days in this weekend. Here’s the double portrait that I’m working on. Just finished off the imprimatura for both figures. Now the real work begins. Spent most of the day Sunday working on this portrait of Tayrou. I’m really pleased with the progress on it so far, especially considering…

  • New Double-Portrait

    New Double-Portrait

    Having an extra day off means I also got an extra day to work in the studio. This is a commissioned piece that I’m just starting on. I think the interesting thing about this image is that you can see two distinct phases in the phases in the studio process. On the right is the…

  • The Uncanny Valley

    The Uncanny Valley

    In robotics there’s is this phenomenon called “the uncanny valley”. It describes how humans have no problem getting emotionally attached to something that clearly isn’t trying to look humanoid; but once you start to make something that actually resembles a human the subtle differences act as a repulsive force to actual humans. It’s so much…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Been under the weather a bit lately and antibiotics don’t seem to be helping (god help us all), but I was feeling well enough to get into the studio this weekend. Here’s the portrait of Sarah. Making some good progress now, still a ways to go and I may have turned up the contrast a…

  • Updates


    I haven’t posted in a while, hoping to get more studio time in this week. Here’s a couple of quick images until the next update. Worked some more on this portrait of Sarah yesterday. Looks like the eye repair was successful, not sure how much it’s apparent to everyone else but it look so much…

  • New Painting and a Reset

    New Painting and a Reset

    This is a bit of a one-step-forward, two-steps-back post: I’ve got two new paintings that I started recently, one is a bit larger and that’s still in the wipeout phase. But this second one I started with the first chromatic underpainting layer or imprimatura. I’ve also been hard at work on the portrait of Sarah.…

  • Update on Sarah

    Update on Sarah

    I haven’t posted an update in a little while. I’ve got two new painting in the wipeout stage that I need to take pictures of and I’ve had a couple of passes on this one now. Still working out some of the drawing issues but it’s starting to get there. The yellow background is the…

  • Todd


    Portrait of Todd 12″x16″ oil on panel © 2015 Jeremy C. Sparks

  • Portrait of Kayti

    Portrait of Kayti

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Getting closer on this portrait of Todd. Worked on the clothing and the hair some more. The darks in the hair really “sunk in” after they started to dry (hence the flat, matt appearance of the hair). I’ll have to try to bring them back out with some stand oil in the next pass or…