HD DVD vs. Blu Ray

Now that I own an HD DVD player, I’ve started reading more of the forums about the two formats. This page on Wikipedia gives a full overview of the differences between the two formats. Everyone is quick to point out that Blu Ray has a higher capacity and supports higher bitrates in the audio tracks—which… Continue reading HD DVD vs. Blu Ray

Freyja Sparks Vom Holtzberg

Freyja Sparks vom Holtzberg

Meet the newest member of the Sparks family: 7-week old Freyja Vom Holtzberg, a purebred German Shepherd Dog with a red sable coat. We picked her up this morning from Holtzberg K9 near Eugene. Many more pics to follow in the coming days…

Guilty Pleasures

The 7-foot tall Undertaker choke-slams Shaun Michaels as Randy Orton rolls out of the ring

Everyone has guilty pleasures—and if they don’t, then they are missing out. Some people hide chocolate bars in their desk and sneak a bite when nobody is watching. Others might read trashy novels late at night. These sorts of things are empty calorie adventures, but it is generally a healthy form of escapism, as long… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures

Crazy Weather

I just don’t know what to make of the weather we’ve been having this winter. First there was snow before Christmas, a virtually unprecedented event since I’ve been living in Oregon. Then there was the windstorm that knocked out power for so many people in the Pacific Northwest, ourselves included. Then we went to Colorado… Continue reading Crazy Weather