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  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    We had a couple of trips to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the last month or so. Managed to get some really good shots, just haven’t had a chance to post before now. One of the main attractions at the CM Zoo is the giraffes. They have a balcony-level viewing where you can purchase lettuce…

  • Going Solar

    Going Solar

    A few months back we decided it was time to move to solar power. It’s starting to become a reality now. The new panels are mostly installed and we’re waiting for some electrical work to be completed. Once that’s done we’ll have to have the local utility install a net-metering device and we’ll be able…

  • Someone knows that something is happening…

    Someone knows that something is happening…

    She doesn’t know what… but she knows that something interesting is going on.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Ice Ice Baby

    Ice Ice Baby

    Freyja is going stircrazy in the house. Needless to say, we haven’t been out for the past two days, and not just because our car is buried under a shell of ice and snow. So she hasn’t had a walk for over a week, and she’s got mad energy. She doesn’t mind the snow at…

  • Welcome Nolan Michael Sparks

    Welcome Nolan Michael Sparks

    Nolan Michael Sparks Born 17 minutes past midnight in the early morning on March 22nd. Weight: 7 pounds 2.3 oz Length: 20 inches Mom and baby are resting comfortable in the hospital and both are doing great.

  • Top-Down: American Presidential Elections

    If you look past the issues, there are a few solid heuristics for reaching the White House which have held since WWII. The American South tends to vote as a block and vote Republican. This is devastating to any Democratic candidate, so to counteract this effect, a successful Democratic candidate needs to be from the…

  • On the DL

    On the DL

    So, Julie and I were in a pretty bad accident this past Sunday: a six-car pile-up on I-205, a little ways south of the Portland Airport. Fortunately, everyone involved seemed to be alright. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our brand-new Prius. Basically, it was a rainy day and a little Toyota pickup struck…

  • (Shake) Rattle (Roll)

    Apparently we had a 3.6 magnitude earthquake last night near Salem. It happened around 11:20pm, and we were in bed, but not yet asleep. We didn’t feel a thing, but we did hear one of the bedroom windows rattling and thought it might be the wind. Jeremy got up and closed the window, and that…

  • Keeping Busy

    Keeping Busy

    This is what we’ve been doing instead of updating the blog lately…. Freyja’s entrance on the scene was the death knell for our carpets, which were already the worse for wear thanks to the machinations of 5 ferrets over the course of 6 years. Actually, the ferret smells in the carpet were giving Freyja some…