News about Loki

Loki sleepy on the couch

Over the past few months, I’ve been watching with concern as Loki, our second-oldest girl, has lost weight and energy. Finally I was able to take her to a vet for examination, and have some bad news for those of you that know Loki: she has been diagnosed with lymphosarcoma (lymphoma). This is basically a… Continue reading News about Loki

FOW: Meet Ajax

Ajax with the chubby chin

Ajax (a.k.a. Aiantes, A.J., Maximus, Jaxie Maxie, Jaxom, Chubba Dub, Teddy Bear, Big) is a 2-year old half-angora Siamese sable gib. Both of his parents were half-angoras, so although his fur is very soft and thick, it isn’t as long as a full angora ferret’s fur can get. It does mean, though, that when he… Continue reading FOW: Meet Ajax