End-of-Summer Fun

School may have started up again the third week of August (3 hours in the afternoon 5 days a week), with private OT and speech therapy three mornings a week…

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Ohio Vacation 2011, Part 2

Nolan's first visit to a swimming pool, courtesy of our hotel in Napoleon, OH. He went right in the cold water like a champ, and had a blast walking up…

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Baths are for the Birds

Just a fun little photo sequence today! Many of you know that Nolan has been very uncooperative about bathing since the beginning of the year. We now accomplish the task…

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In addition to unpacking, shopping for items that needed to be replaced, getting my parents a DVR for their satellite to record Sesame Street, getting the garden started, and entertaining…

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31 Months

We didn't do Halloween costumes or trick-or-treating this year at Halloween, but with several pie pumpkins in the house, I decided to carve one into a jack-o-lantern. I tried to…

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