Thanksgiving Painting Week

I took the week off from work and spent a lot of time in the studio working on four paintings. I’ll post the work on three of them here, the fourth one I finished and will post a final image once I get a better (or at least less glare filled) image.

First up is a new painting of a Ruby in Zoisite D20 that I just started. I often try to work with an earth tone in the early wipe-out and first underpainting gradient passes of a painting; mostly because those brownish earth tones will dry very quickly and allow me to move on to the more chromatic layers more quickly. However I also appreciate working in complimentary colors in the earlier layers to give me something for the later layers of paint to work against.

Ruby in Zoisite D20 underpainting wipe-out

Since this one is going to be significantly teal and lavender in hue I thought that working with a burnt sienna for the wipe-out and first underpainting layers would work well. I guess it does, but I always seem to forget how gritty that color is, which makes it a bit harder to move smoothly over the painting surface.

Ruby in Zoisite D20 underpainting first dead layer

Still a long way to go with this one but I’m looking forward to starting in on the chromatic layers. The teal green is going to be difficult, I’m still not sure which green I’m going to work with for this one.

The next one is a hollow metal dice that I’ve had for a while but have been interested in painting. Apparently I didn’t take a photo of the initial wipe-out but here’s the first pass at a monochromatic underpainting layer.

Metal Gear D20 monochromatic layer underpainting

Here’s the next pass starting to bring in some of the local color. (Sorry about the glare, the image was still pretty wet when I took this shot)

Metal Gear D20 first early chromatic layers

Lastly I have an update on the Prismatic Glass D20. This is one that I’ve been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading. The chromatic layers on this are going to push me out of my comfortable earth palette and into a more chromatic palette.

Prismatic Glass monochromatic underpainting layer

Here’s the first pass with the chromatic palette. Still a lot of work to go but it feels like a good first pass…

Prismatic Glass D20 first chromatic layers.






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