Weekend Update

Got a couple of days in the studio this weekend.

First up is actually one that I worked on last weekend but didn’t get around to posting last week. This is the amethyst D20, it’s getting closer but will need at least one more pass to finish it off.

Amethyst D20 portrait - work in progress.

The main one I worked on this weekend was this cracked glass D20. I spent a few sessions working on the underpainting trying to get the drawing dialed in enough to start in on the chromatic layers. This was the first pass at the chromatic layer and I had to pull out the super strong paints for this one. I normally work with more of an earth-palette, so working with a high-chroma palette is always a bit scary. Julie thinks I should call it done at this point and move on… I’m not sure yet, there’s some things I might be able to improve but I was surprised how much it improved on this pass.

Cracked Glass D20 portrait - chromatic layer.

I forgot to take a shot before starting in on this layer but here’s an earlier show showing the underpainting.

Cracked Glass D20 - underpainting

This is a new one that I just started. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a bit and now that I’ve got some experience working on these icosahedron portraits under my belt I’m feeling confident to get going on it properly.

It’s a prismatic glass D20 with sunlight moving through creating a prismatic rainbow of colors across the faces and even in the shadows. You’ll have to image the colors for now as I’m just getting into the first underpainting layers but it’s a strong image and I can’t wait to get into the chromatic layers.

Prismatic glass D20 - underpainting






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