Weekend Update

Got a couple of days of painting in this weekend. I was finally able to get back to the Lapis portrait

Lapis Icosahedron portrait - in progress

Hard to get a decent photo that doesn’t have a lot glare since it’s still a bit wet but this was close. Getting some of the mottled coloration in was a bit of concentration exercise. I think it’s getting close, a lot of the patches feel like they’re sitting on top of the surface rather than flush with them. I’m hoping that one more pass will allow me to make those sit in a bit rather than sit on.

I also did a block-in pass on a new one. This one is a cracked glass D20 that is very red overall. I tend to work with complimentary colors in the under-painting so I used a base of sap green and painted a burnt-umber monochromatic layer to start to block things in. This one will need more of an effort to get the details in the early layers. Will need at least one more layer of under-painting work, maybe to before I switch to the chromatic layers. And I’m almost certainly going to need to pull out the real chromatic paints to get the reds and oranges in the painting. Something to look forward to I guess.

Cracked Glass D20 - underpainting






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