Weekend Update

Spent Saturday working on this one. Mostly in the hair, but also some in the background and clothing. Just a few touch-ups on the face this time around.

It’s getting really close. I think there’s one drawing issue I still want to correct in the mouth and I’m not entirely happy yet with the background. I also think I need to bring some more complimentary colors into the clothing, it’s looking like a mono-chromatic blue study at this point. But there, it would help to have the background nailed down first so I know which colors will be good to embellish with.

Still… getting close.

Megan (in progress)
Megan (in progress)

I also worked oh the painting of Jordyn. Finally got into the scarf. No picture to share, but the fist pass is looking really good on that. Ht next phase will be to add in the pattern and then a final pass to get both parts working together. So still a long way to go on that one. I’ll try to grab a photo and upload that when I get a chance though.






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