Leif and Tabby Update

A lot the the work that I do is very iterative and at times it feels a lot like I’m putting in hours for very marginal improvements. I’m really not complaining though it’s taken me years to be able to get to those marginal gains and I really appreciate how much further I am able to push my paintings now compared to even a year ago.

Here’s the update on Leif and Tabby. While it probably doesn’t look a whole lot different from the last image that I posted a couple weeks back I’ve put in three more sessions. Primary I’ve been working on the portrait of Leif. I feel like I’ve finally got it standing up to the portrait of Tabby and so I should be able to move on with both now. The painting really has gotten over the hump now and hopefully I’ll be able to finish it off over the coming break.

Leif and Tabby (in progress)
Leif and Tabby (in progress)






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