Self Portrait

Julie has been encouraging me to do a self portrait for a while now and I’ve resisted in the main. At the Academy they made us do a self portrait in every single painting class and most of the drawing classes as well. I suspect that they wanted to get it out of our system while we were students so we wouldn’t feel compelled to do them once we were out practicing art making in the real world. There’s more than enough navel-gazing and worthless selfies in the world without artist contributing to the collection.

That said there is some merit in an honest reflection of one’s self:


This is a project that I’ve been meaning to start for a while now but other projects have always seemed more important. I finally got a chance to start in on it this weekend. Then we got a blizzard Monday night and ended up with a rare snow-day yesterday. I hadn’t intended to work on this much more right away, but as everything else was still wet from the weekend I didn’t want to waste a free painting day so I set in on the first pass:


My first passes are starting to look more like second or third passes now, which really makes me happy. Really looking forward to see how far I can push this one now.






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