Works in Progress

The red background on this one is from last weekend. I wanted to have a warm base tone underneath the textured yellow background that will be in the final painting. I was hoping that I’d be able to apply the yellow over-coat this past weekend but the vermilion red that I used is taking longer than I had anticipated to dry. I always forget that reds are slow driers. It’s nearly dry to the touch now though so I should be able to put the final or near-final background on this week.

It’s important to get the background set early not only for drawing issues with the silhouette but also for color matching within the portraits. So I really need to have something close to the final background in place before I push the portraits any further in this one.

Leif and Tabby (in progress)
Leif and Tabby (in progress)

Since the commission piece was unworkable I turned back to this portrait of Tayrou which has been patiently waiting for me to continue progress. Still a ways to go and there’s still a bit of idiosyncrasies to work out with the drawing in the portrait (particularly in the eyes) but I’m really happy with the colors and modeling of the forms. Once I get the forms all massaged into their correct places and working in unison I think it will be a really strong portrait.

Tayrou (in progress)
Tayrou (in progress)






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