I haven’t posted in a while, hoping to get more studio time in this week. Here’s a couple of quick images until the next update.

Worked some more on this portrait of Sarah yesterday. Looks like the eye repair was successful, not sure how much it’s apparent to everyone else but it look so much better to me now that the drawing errors have been minimized. I feel like I’ve got a really solid foundation to start with the final layers of paint now.

Sarah (in progress)
Sarah (in progress)

I worked on this a couple weekends ago but haven’t had a chance to post a picture of it yet. It’s a larger 18″x24″ image or Jordyn. I’m hoping to get some work in on this one and the painting of Tayrou as well while waiting for the paint to dry on the portrait of Sarah.

Jordyn (in progress)
Jordyn (in progress)






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