The Grind

I had some mild delusions of finishing this one off this weekend. But I left myself too much to do with the tattoos. There’s simply no getting around the fact that you just have to put in the hours to get them working right. It’s tedious work. And when Julie comes in she looks and says, “it looks better — what did you work on?”

I think that sums it up well. It’s clearly improving but the granularity is so fine that you can’t point to what exactly has contributed to the improvement.

Kayti (in progress)
Kayti (in progress)

At this point it’s really just about putting in the hours and pushing the rendering as far as I can. Whenever I begin to think about how much work I’m putting in for such incremental improvements, two of my mentors start to whisper in my ear.

I think of Alyssa Monks reminding us that, “you’re painting flesh; not the illusion of flesh”.

And also Vincent Desiderio who said, “you must be driven by the ravishment of the illusion”.

While superficially those quotes look like they are saying quite different things, I think they both really mean the same… good enough is not nearly good enough.

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