So I was doing some drawing in my studio last night and I found myself missing paint. I haven’t been doing a lot of drawing recently so I figured it would be a nice break from the challenges of painting. Working in a dry, mono-chromatic medium seemed like it would be almost relaxing at this point. Apparently not.

It was late enough that I didn’t want to mix up a full palette just to do a quick oil sketch so I mixed up a very limited dead palette and jumped in with that. This was done in about 90 minutes using only two colors (transparent red oxide and blue black) plus white.

Oil Sketch (self portrait)
Oil Sketch (self portrait)

I was really liberating working so quickly, loosely and just focusing on values and temperatures. Obviously it’s not a finished work but for a quick oil sketch (or bozzetti) it was fun.






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  1. rita ford Avatar
    rita ford

    Fun! I would love to watch you do this quick kind of work. I would like to see more of a smile though. Your eyes look so sad, but the sletch is wonderful. I lked it.

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