Paul – Update
Paul (in progress)

Paul – Update

Got a chance to put in a little more time on this painting this weekend. Trying something a little different with the background this time. Usually I start with a…

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Weekend Update
Nelson and Theo (in progress)

Weekend Update

Haven't had as much time to work on this one lately as I would have liked, but I put a solid day in on it this past Sunday. Still a…

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New Toy

So I finally scrapped together enough pennies to get a new lens for my camera. Between Christmas money, birthday money, tax refund money, selling some of old and unused camera…

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Oil Sketch (self portrait)


So I was doing some drawing in my studio last night and I found myself missing paint. I haven't been doing a lot of drawing recently so I figured it…

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I've been remiss in posting updates lately. It's not that I haven't been working, it's just that I haven't posted updates on what I'm doing... But, today I got my…

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