Shh (Josh) – Update

Spent a good chunk of time in the studio this weekend. Got a couple of good session in on the the painting of Josh. Here’s a couple of images (sorry about the glare).

This is an intermediate pass on the fleshy parts of the painting. Should be a good base for really going for the chroma and modeling on the the final layers.

Shh (Josh - in progress)
Shh (Josh – in progress)

Here, I wanted to make a decision on the background color and I also wanted to give myself a problem to work out as I resolve the painting. I don’t normally reach for the high-chroma paint tubes (read cadmiums). But in this case I wanted a chromatic orange in the background. The challenge now will be to bring enough color into the subject that it’s not overwhelmed by the background. I’m curious to see if I’ll be able to pull that off with the earth tones that I normally work with or if I’ll have to expand the palette into more of those high-chroma pigments.

Shh (Josh - in progress)
Shh (Josh – in progress)






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