Just Dirt and Oil on Canvas
Shh - Josh (detail, in progress)

Just Dirt and Oil on Canvas

A formal training is a funny thing. The artists at the New York Academy are so incredibly talented that they can't help but impart a commensurate level of influence. A…

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Shh – Josh (Update)
Shh - (Josh, in progress)

Shh – Josh (Update)

Haven't posted an update on the blog in a few days. It's not that I've been idle - quite the contrary I have been painting more days than not. I…

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Shh (Josh) – Update

Spent a good chunk of time in the studio this weekend. Got a couple of good session in on the the painting of Josh. Here's a couple of images (sorry…

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Kayti – Update
Kayti (in progress)

Kayti – Update

Managed to sneak in a painting session last night. I really needed a day in the studio, it's amazing how when things get you down you don't want to be…

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Weekend Update

I worked on Josh and Kayti this weekend. Just blocking in color areas still. A long way to go still but they're already starting to have a bit of life…

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