Theo – Update

This is the big painting that I’m working on now.

The life-size portrait of Theo. I have to apologize for the cropping on this image… the hands really aren’t cut off — I just couldn’t get far enough back to get the entire image in frame with my good lens. I took a couple of pictures with the shorter lens as well but those came out a bit soft so I thought I’d post these for the time being.

Still a long way to go with this one. The detail work on the chair back is making me a little crazy. I’ve got two passes in on the right side of the image, the left side only has one pass so you can see how the painting progresses there.

Still a long way to go with the clothing and the hands and feet have only been blocked in.

I’m pretty happy with how it’s progressing overall though.

Theo (in progress)
Theo (in progress)

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