New Lens

I’ve been wanting a new lens since I got the new Nikon DSLR body. Unfortunately lenses aren’t terribly cheap and the old 50mm manual-focus lens I’ve been using does work just fine.

Amazon must know I’m a sucker for a deal though. The 85mm lens I’ve had my eye on dropped $100 in price. That never happens, they know they have a captive market since you’ve already got their camera body if you’re shopping for their lens. For 20% off I decided to jump and I’m glad I did; it already went back up to full price since I ordered it.

Here’s a test shot of one of my favorite models with the new lens…

Test image shot with 85mm Nikkor lens
Test image shot with 85mm Nikkor lens

Shooting a baby with nothing more than ambient light is a challenge without a very fast lens. That’s the trade-off, it’s not a zoom lens but it is very fast (F/1.8). According to DXOMark, it’s one of the sharpest lenses you can get for the Nikon and though it’s not what I would call “cheap” it’s quite affordable for a fast, high-quality lens. Prices jump up significantly and rapidly above 85mm. It’s also an FX style lens, which means if I ever become rich and can afford one of the higher-end Nikon camera bodies I’ll still be able to use this lens.

I didn’t really need to the new lens right now… there’s a good backlog of subjects waiting to be painted. But next time I need to get some new shots I’ll have a new tool in the tool bag. Can’t wait for the next shoot…






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