New Process for Linear Placements

So I’m quickly growing tired of doing studies on paper. I probably shouldn’t admit that as studies are important and I have learned a lot doing them. Honestly I think a large part of it is the amount of oil paint that I’m using doing these studies. It does feel wasteful using a full chromatic palette if I don’t end up with something that is more than just for my own exploration. Not sure if the remedy here is just get over it or to use a more limited palette with cheaper paints.

Also, the first couple of dibond panels are prepped and ready to be painted on. Maybe it’ll be easier once I’ve got a couple of real paintings going to allow myself some study time. For some reason I always tend to mix up more paint than I can use when I’m starting a painting session… hopefully I can optimize my studio process to include doing some study work on paper at the end of the session with the leftover paint… but I may just as easily be kidding myself there.

Anyhow, the new panels look like they’re going to work out well. Putting them on the easel are a bit awkward because they’re so thin. I want to rest them on the front lip of the ledge but that seems like tempting fate. However if I tuck them safely behind the lip then I can’t paint edge-to-edge. Other than that I have no complaints and prepping really couldn’t have been easier.

Here’s the first painting that I’m going to be working on.

Portrait of Tabby - linear placement
Portrait of Tabby – linear placement

One of the artists that I follow online discovered that you can actually do a linear transfer using oil paint. I wouldn’t have guessed this was feasible; I had just assumed that the oil paint would be too messy to work with in this manner.

But I was more than tempted to try it — the other methods usually involve caran d’ache or, more commonly, charcoal. These preparations need to be fixed before you can start to paint over them. Unfortunately the spray fixative tends to affect the absorbency of the ground so that first layer of paint tends to have irregular and mildly annoying attachment issues.

My hope was that by using oil paint I wouldn’t need the fixative and it seems like this is going to work out really well.

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