Year: 2014

  • Paul and Mandie Update

    Paul and Mandie Update

    Was really hoping to have this one finished by now. I think one of the worst things about painting in the winter is that the layers of oil take longer to dry. There’s not a whole lot left to do, I want to glaze down the background one more time and after that I can…

  • Paul Update

    Paul Update

    I was hoping that the background would finally be dry enough to glaze over a more final color on the portrait of Paul and Mandie. Unfortunately there are a couple of places where the paint was a bit thicker, and now two-weeks on, are still tacky to the touch. I didn’t really want to move…

  • Shh (Josh)

    Shh (Josh)

    Shh (Josh) 18″x24″ Oil on Panel ©2014 Jeremy C. Sparks This is the first of, what I hope will be, a series of more conceptual paintings involving people in the act of shushing.

  • Paul and Mandie – in progress

    Paul and Mandie – in progress

    This is a dual-portrait I’ve been working on. I was hoping that the background would be dry enough to work on this past weekend but it’s still wet to the touch. Hopefully it’ll be dry enough to work on this week or by the weekend at the very latest. The background is interesting, well interesting…

  • Kayti – Update

    Kayti – Update

    The red background underpainting was finally dry enough to work on this portrait of Kayti again. Still a really long way to go with this one but I think you can get a sense of the tattoos.

  • Just Dirt and Oil on Canvas

    Just Dirt and Oil on Canvas

    A formal training is a funny thing. The artists at the New York Academy are so incredibly talented that they can’t help but impart a commensurate level of influence. A lot of the time spent after graduating is trying to get their voices out of your head and come to grips with what is important,…

  • Shh – Josh (Update)

    Shh – Josh (Update)

    Haven’t posted an update on the blog in a few days. It’s not that I’ve been idle – quite the contrary I have been painting more days than not. I didn’t paint on Saturday however, but that was only because I was up at the Denver Art Museum with Julie to see the excellent Daniel…

  • Shh (Josh) – Update

    Shh (Josh) – Update

    Spent a good chunk of time in the studio this weekend. Got a couple of good session in on the the painting of Josh. Here’s a couple of images (sorry about the glare). This is an intermediate pass on the fleshy parts of the painting. Should be a good base for really going for the…

  • Kayti – Update

    Kayti – Update

    Managed to sneak in a painting session last night. I really needed a day in the studio, it’s amazing how when things get you down you don’t want to be creative – but if you can force yourself to do it you’ll end up feeling much better. Still a long, long way to go with…

  • Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    I worked on Josh and Kayti this weekend. Just blocking in color areas still. A long way to go still but they’re already starting to have a bit of life to them.

  • Short Weekend

    Short Weekend

    I was out of town for a work conference last week, so not a lot of time to do any painting. But I did manage to get a half day in yesterday. Enough time to block in some more of the clothing on this one.

  • Another New Painting

    Another New Painting

    I’ve got another painting going as well. This one is a 24″ square composition of Kayti and her amazing tattoos. Here’s the initial wipeout. I think the support didn’t get enough drying time before I started in on this layer so some of the paint areas didn’t wipeout as cleanly as I would have liked.…