Nikita (January 2002 – June 6, 2009)

Niki doing a ferret flapjack

Our funny little Nikita passed away this week, quietly curled up in her favorite bedding spot. Niki was a tiny little ferret with a huge personality. We hardly knew what to make of her when we first brought her home, 8 weeks old and pouncing all over toys that were bigger than she was. She was a little unsure of herself those first few weeks, and was our only ferret to bite Jeremy’s finger and break the skin, so we named her Nikita, our own miniature femme fatale. But within a week or two, true to her namesake, she had begun her reformation, and remained a sturdy, spunky little girl to the end. Our big boy, Ajax, only a few months younger than Niki, has always been her best buddy despite their tremendous size difference, and I know he’s feeling lonely with no one left to curl up with in the hammock. God bless you, Nikita; your curiosity and cheerful bounce will certainly be missed around here.






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