Nolan at the Zoo

We took Nolan to the Oregon Zoo for the first time today. We headed out early to beat some of the heat, but I think we picked a pretty great day weather-wise because it didn’t get too hot or bright while we were there. Here are a few pics from the day.


Nolan fell asleep in his carseat not long before we arrived, so he was pretty groggy for the first few minutes, to the extent that he couldn’t even be bothered to pull off his baseball cap. That didn’t last, though.


We found as we went on that Nolan was almost more interested in people-watching and checking out the fences than he was in the animals. They had to get pretty close to him to catch his attention, and most of the time when we tried to point at the animals, he would automatically point the same direction without looking (or grab our arm to try and get out of the stroller). What he was mostly ignoring in this shot was a hippo.


Since the weather wasn’t too hot, we were lucky to see quite a few of the animals active, which helped catch Nolan’s eye. This hippo was moving around pretty good for a hippo, but that’s not saying much.


We visited the petting zoo area, but Nolan wanted nothing to do with the pygora goats. Every time I lowered him down close to one, he clung on to me for dear life and tried to get away.


Nolan seemed to like watching the birds because they were so bright and busy, and these lorikeets came very close to everyone in hopes of getting some nectar. He was just about ready for a nap at that point, though, and slept in the car the whole way home.






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