23rd Week

In case you were wondering, Nolan’s eyes are still blue. 🙂 That child could win a staring contest handily.


Freyja and Nolan are still getting along like gangbusters. Good thing too, because Freyja’s kisses and Nolan’s fur-pulling could certainly be agitating if they weren’t great buddies.



And for this week’s finale, here is Nolan’s latest milestone. Last week he cut his first tooth, and yesterday:


He sat there for at least a minute playing with his plastic links before toppling over sideways, but I was lucky even to get this pic because the camera’s batteries gave out and needed to be recharged. But there should be lots more opportunities!

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  1. Mary McKay

    Hey Julie! I haven’t checked in for awhile. Nolan’s getting so big! What a handsome baby! I love the photos of you with him; you look so happy. Hope all three and the furry babies are well.

  2. Rita and Nelson

    It won’t be long and Nolan will be on the move. Won’t that be a challenge! I’m so tickled to see how he is growing. His eyes are so beautiful! God bless. Grammy and Grandpa Ford

  3. Cousin Heather

    Hi Julie! I love the picture of Nolan sitting up! He’s such a cute little person!

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