22nd Week


Sorry I’m a bit late getting this post up. Nolan is 5 months old, and we’ve had a busy week—we assembled Nolan’s crib (finally!) and had visits from two of my aunts. We’ve started working on transitioning him from co-sleeping to sleeping in his very own bed, and although he hasn’t made it through the night yet, he’s taken several long naps in it. I think once we get some curtains on the windows, that will help, but we haven’t had any luck finding decent ones yet.


The really big news this week was the eruption of Nolan’s very first tooth. It didn’t seem to be too painful for him, as he wasn’t extra fussy or drooly, but he is definitely chawing on his fingers and everything else he can reach (eg: my shirt, a washcloth, his toys, Freyja’s ear), so I think the second tooth won’t be far behind.


Sorry for the bad photo… he wasn’t being very cooperative, and kept sticking his hands back in his mouth.


That beautiful smile was aimed at his daddy, who was making funny faces. Nolan really lights up whenever he sees Jeremy.


Here he was nearly asleep, cuddling and sucking on my finger. The snap of the camera woke him up a little, but he is sound asleep in the crib now, which is why I have time to write up this post! 🙂

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  1. Rita and Nelson

    Don’t babies grow fast! Wow he looks so grown up at five months. I absolutely love the picture of Nolan smiling at Jeremy-very precious and the picture of you holding Nolan is priceless. God bless you all! Love, Mom

  2. Cousin Heather

    He looks so content on your shoulder!

  3. julie

    Hi Heather, how are you and Dave and Allen doing? That’s how Nolan falls asleep 75% of the time, cuddled up against me and sucking on my finger, usually while I stand and sway back and forth. He’s starting to get too heavy to do it for long, though… I’m trying to get him used to the rocking chair instead, but when I sit, he pushes against my lap with his feet and wakes up. 🙂

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