19th Week


This was a banner week. Nolan finally figured out on Tuesday how to roll over back to front. He mostly only does it when he’s upset, though. He wiggles like mad, flipping onto his side, then his tummy, then pushing himself around with his strong legs. He’s very close to rolling over from front to back as well… I’m expecting that to happen any day now. Finally, he discovered a whole new vocal range way in the upper register—think ear-splitting squeal—and has been talking up a storm.

Here is a sequence of pics from earlier this week: I finally captured that elusive pouty lip, appearing out of nowhere in the middle of a quiet evening.



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  1. Rita and Nelson

    Great shots Julie. My favorite one is Jeremy and Nolan. Wow, what a picture! It’s good to see you in a few of the pictures Ms. Julie. Nolan is really growing. What a precious son. Love, Mom

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