18th Week

Nolan turned 4 months old on Tuesday, and had his well baby check-up on Thursday this week. He weighs 13 lb 10 oz now, and is in the 25th percentile all around—very symmetrical. 🙂

Jeremy’s parents were with us until Wednesday, and helped us out tremendously with the preparations for Nolan’s bedroom. We were able to move all of the home theater equipment and furniture to its new home in the back room, and put a fresh coat of little boy blue paint on the walls. We’ve still got lots of rearranging and organizing and crib assembly to do, but I feel better already, and Nolan seems to love the color of the walls… he smiles every time I take him in there. I’ll post some pics of the nursery once it’s more together.



And in case you are getting tired of looking at baby pictures, here’s one of Jeremy with our sweet little lap dog:


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  1. Rita and Nelson

    It brought such smiles to my face to see Dan holding Nolan. What pictures to treasure! In the first picture I’m noticing that baby Nolan looks like his grandpa. I love both their smiles. I’m glad you had this time with them. Jeremy is well hidden behind that beautiful dog. Are Freya’s ears getting bigger? I may have misspelled her name, sorry. God bless. Mom

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