18th Week

Nolan turned 4 months old on Tuesday, and had his well baby check-up on Thursday this week. He weighs 13 lb 10 oz now, and is in the 25th percentile…

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17th Week

Jeremy's parents are here visiting us at the moment---or, I should say, they're here visiting Nolan. :) He's been getting lots of snuggle time with Grandma Leah, and this afternoon…

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16th Week

Nolan is sleeping in the bedroom right now. I left him wide-eyed and wiggling on his back to go take care of my freshly pumped milk, and when I went…

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15th Week

This was a big week for eating. I'm hoping it was just a growth spurt, but Nolan has been eating bottles nearly twice his usual size this week, on the…

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