Heat Wave

We had a little heat wave in Oregon this past weekend: last Friday, the temperature in Salem got up to at least 99F. That’s a far cry from the overcast skies, drizzly rain and low to mid-60’s that we’ve been having all spring, and our house really heated up. We busted out the AC for the bedroom, but we were all still pretty uncomfortable, and Nolan spent most of the weekend in just his diaper.


These, by the way, are his bumGenius diapers, which have been working out great for us. We have 2 dozen and I wash a load every other day; we’ve had no problem with odors, and a little sunshine takes the stains right out. The microfiber inserts are very absorbent, and we’ve only had one real mess, which actually wasn’t too bad.


As you can see, Nolan has very strong legs. He takes great delight in pushing himself to his feet with some assistance just for balance, and then looks all around and flaps his little arms. Sometimes I think he’s looking to skip the crawling stage and go right to walking. Also, not only does he smile that sweet crooked grin and babble away, he’s starting to bat at his toys and show some interest in the cute baby in the mirror. Not bad for a 2-month old, I think.


The heat wave is over already and we’re back to clouds and wind and rain showers. Can’t say I mind too much! 🙂

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  1. leah sparks

    What precious little feet, just imagine where those little feet will take him!
    Love, Mom

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