First Five Days

Not much time for posting, but we wanted to get a few pics up… I’m sure there will be many more coming, so keep checking back.

Just born (less than an hour old)
This was the first photo taken of me and Nolan less than an hour after he was born.

Nolan, Day 2

Nolan’s first bath

Nolan’s first bath
Looking through our photos, we realized that we have very few so far that actually show Nolan’s head of hair. He’s got a lot of it, though!

Nolan, Day 3

Jeremy and Nolan hanging out

Nolan with Grandpa Nelson

Nolan and Grandma Rita
Nolan hanging out with his Grandpa Nelson and Grandma Rita.

First family portrait 032408
The three of us together. (Notice the huge bruises on my hands from where they unsuccessfully tried to put in IVs; the fingers on my left hand were numb for days.)

Nolan, Day 4

Julie and Nolan hanging out

Nolan chowing down

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  1. Mary McKay

    Glad to see you looking so well and beautiful Ms. Julie! And Nolan certainly is handsome with all his dark locks! I love the photo of you in red holding Nolan and the one of Jeremy snuggling. Happy Family!


  2. Cousin Heather

    He’s beautiful!! I want to reach out and pinch those cheeks!

  3. Rita and Nelson

    Julie and Jeremy, We have been sending these pictures to all of our friends and received so many wonderful comments. The new pictures are so very darling. We are going through withdrawal from holding wee Nolan. Give him a kiss for us. I absolutely love the pictures of Jeremy sleeping with Nolan. His wakeful periods with bright eyes are precious. Julie, you’re look good.
    God bless you all! Mom and Dad

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