Our Big Girl

Freyja (6 mos. old)

It’s been a while since we posted any photos of Freyja, so I thought I would write a short update to let you know that she’s still doing great, smart as a whip and growing like a weed at nearly 60 pounds. We just finished an obedience training course that lasted 7 weeks. Freyja was a bit young (just over 5 mos. old) when the class started and we were consequently told not to expect her to be at the top of the class; by the end, the instructors were telling us to expect more from her, and she really responded when we did. She has learned some commands better than others so far, and still needs regular practice, being an energetic puppy, but she is really doing great.

Jeremy and Freyja hanging out

Now that Freyja is 6 months old, it was time to take her to the vet to be spayed, and that was taken care of nearly two weeks ago. She still has stitches in place (to be removed this weekend), so we are still trying to keep her from excessive running and jumping. With a German shepherd pup, though, that’s like trying to hold your breath underwater (it can be done, but not for very long)– especially now that she’s not in pain from the surgery. That doesn’t stop her from taking full advantage of Jeremy spoiling her like she’s still a sickie, and letting her cuddle up with him on the sofa, though. 🙂






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