Puppy Playdate, Redux

Freyja, 18 weeks old

Freyja is 18 weeks old now, and getting bigger and more beautiful every day. We got her together again this weekend with Spencer the Dobie pup, and they had an awesome time playing. This time we let Freyja off leash, so the two puppies really got to go at it, chasing each other back and forth, running after balls and frisbees, and wrestling. Here are some pics of the fun:

Ruby and Spencer

 Sir Spencer 

Spencer is growing up quick, and he is already starting to get that characteristic Doberman look. Ruby, as always, was eager to ensure that the dogs were well hydrated. Spencer is still quite a bit smaller than Freyja, so he couldn’t quite keep up with her, but that sure didn’t stop him from trying. He’s a confident little guy!

Playing puppies

Playing puppies

Playing puppies

Playing puppies

I love the way that mischievous little imp is gnawing on Freyja’s sturdy ankle, and she doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

Freyja’s favorite outdoor toy is the frisbee, hands down. When she sees that come out, she knows she’s in for some fun–you should see the way she immediately perks up and tries to come get it. She’s still working on her catches, but in the meantime, all the running back and forth is a great way to wear her out!

Frisbee lesson

Here Ruby is getting a frisbee lesson from her dad, while Freyja politely offers her assistance. 🙂

Playing puppies

Freyja with her frisbee

They played for an hour straight, and even though they were both clearly exhausted, I think they would have kept trying to play as long as they were together. They absolutely had a blast, and it was just an ideal socializing experience. We couldn’t be happier, and will definitely have to keep up these playdates.






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