The Ultimate Dog Accessory

So now that we’ve got a puppy who requires regular veterinary visits (and trips to the dog park), it has become necessary for us to find a regular means of transportation. Until now we’ve been making do with the occasional rental and ordering whatever we needed from the ‘net.

No more—three years without a car was enough.

For several months I examined the options: we would be remiss not to at least consider a hybrid model, and of those the best option at present is clearly the Toyota Prius. We’re probably the only family to purchase a hybrid vehicle and increase their net carbon emissions, but there it is.

After putting our name on a list and waiting three weeks, our very own Prius is finally in….

2007 Prius

2007 Prius

You can see that Freyja has already decided she likes the car. Fortunately, she hasn’t deemed it necessary to mark it as her own (at least yet), though the back windows are covered with doggie noseprints. We’ve ordered waterproof nylon seat covers in anticipation of regular excursions with the dog.

More to come, I’m sure…

– Jeremy






4 responses to “The Ultimate Dog Accessory”

  1. Shaun Sparks Avatar
    Shaun Sparks

    Congrats!! Cars do make life a little bit easier. Just make sure your new Prius does not produce too much smug! (see Southpark episode #1002)

  2. Rita and Nelson Avatar
    Rita and Nelson

    Nice car! Good to see Julie driving it, too.

  3. Cousin Heather Avatar
    Cousin Heather

    Grats on the Prius! Julie! You’re driving! 🙂

  4. julie Avatar

    Mom and Heather,

    Hardly… I’m just modeling. 🙂

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